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Clan Primer Discussion Community's Journal
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Sunday, March 18th, 2007
9:26 am
Tuesday, February 6th, 2007
8:19 pm
okay gang
I'm putting in a serious effort to mop up the rest of the rare game tonight.

We shall see how successful I am!

EDIT: Okay, so maybe I fell asleep waiting for fish to respawn. It happens to everybody sometimes! Still, I think I'm good for the rest of the rare game, unless anyone else has got something I don't got.
Sunday, February 4th, 2007
4:57 am

That is what you might ask yourself! Seriously, dudes, we are so close to being done! Here are all that remains for writin':

292. Omega mk. XII

Rare Game:
298. Barmuu
302. Etherian
304. Melt
305. Kaiser Wolf
314. Matriarch Bomb
319. Apsara
330. Terror Tyrant
334. Dustia
335. Cutsworn Lich
336. Ishteen
341. Molen

342. Larva Eater
350. Grave Lord
352. Zombie Lord

353. Gemhorn
355. Luxolid
357. Vagrant Soul
359. Imdugud
360. Ancbolder
364. Anchag

368. Avenger
369. Pallicant
370. Alteci
371. Phyllo
372. Urutan Exile

Monday, January 29th, 2007
9:47 am
Gonna work on the following as soon as I finish working:

310. Bombshell
317. Razorfin
349. Nazarnir
351. Victanir
366. Bluesang

EDIT: Done!
Sunday, January 28th, 2007
7:27 pm
As Arielle posted below, yes, she has been hard at work and there is now a web version of all of this!


Please, go ahead and spread this link far and wide.

...also, kill magick pots, omega mk xii's, and rare game, so we can call this project in the bag!
5:06 pm
Okay, since we are almost done, and I had a free day and a half or so, I went ahead and put together the web version of the bestiary. It can be found here.

Suggestions concerning layout would be perfectly welcome, it is very simple and sort of lazy HTML. More pressingly, tell me if I forgot to credit anyone, and tell me your thoughts re: google's ability to find it and whatnot. Do we want annoyed email from Mr Smith: y/n

EDIT: swapped out my unfriendly stinky domain for our new shiny one!!
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
5:39 am
status update
Aight, I did Rare Game:

293. Aspidochelon
295. Thalassinon
296. Anubys
297. Greeden
301. Gavial
306. Cubus
309. Dreadguard
311. Crypt Bunny
313. Spee
315. Rain Dancer
320. Minibug
322. Ithuno
323. Biding Mantis
326. Dheed
328. Aeros
329. Grimalkin
339. Juggernaut
347. Midgardsormr
358. Disma

In other news, all that is missing for completion is the Magick Pot from the Pharos (which halcyonjazz says she's got covered), Omega mk. XII from Bosses (who is man enough to take on Omega?!), and the Henne Mines (aerie, you still on this one?). And, of course, all this stupid rare game.

relvetica is working on some text dumps of the information we've put up (such as having all sage information together, in order), to have everything in one convenient place. On that note, how do people feel about, when this project is complete, the posting of a text file full of the information to GameFAQs? Everything would be properly credited, of course.
Monday, January 22nd, 2007
4:05 pm
Those are all the Bosses I currently have. I'm heading into the Necrohol to find Fury and Humbaba Mistant now, but I'm sure someone else has them already, in which case feel free to fling them up.

Edit: Fury and Humbaba Mistant are now up. I don't have the time/energy to go after the Hell Wyrm at the moment and I am certainly not taking on the Omega Mark right now, so I'll cheerfully pass those on to someone else.
9:39 am
If we're doing rare game, then I'll call dibs on the following:

300. Vishno
303. Wary Wolf
307. Lindbur Wolf
316. Ripe Rampager
331. Nekhbet
338. Vorres
340. Negalmuur

EDIT: Finished and posted.
2:41 am

294. Aerieel
299. Bull Croc
312. Megabomb
328. Aeros
356. Velelu
367. Helvinek
2:14 am
Finished off Elite Marks.

Lemme know if you need a list of the Rare Game and/or whatever fill-ins I can provide.
Sunday, January 21st, 2007
6:19 pm
digest #7
Oof, I fell behind. We're pretty close to being done, you crazy folks. Gold stars for halcyonjazz and flag, for finding the vegetable royalty, and filling in blank spots in the bestiary, respectively.

006. The Dalmasca Sands: Gnoma Entite
014. Giza Plains: Wildsnake
019. Giza Plains: Mardu Entite
026. The Garamsythe Waterway: Ghost
48. The Lhusu Mines: Pandora
49. The Lhusu Mines: Gazer
109. The Stilshrine of Miriam: Oiling
373. Humanoids: Seeq
374. Humanoids: Urutan-Yensa
376. Humanoids: Baknamy
375. Humanoids: Garif
377. Humanoids: Bangaa
149. The Feywood: Mandragora Prince
151. The Feywood: Alraune King
153. The Feywood: Onion Queen
155. The Feywood: Pumpkin Star
157. The Feywood: Topstalk
138. The Sochen Cave Palace: Abysteel
139. The Sochen Cave Palace: Imp
140. The Sochen Cave Palace: Striker
141. The Sochen Cave Palace: Pit Fiend
142. The Sochen Cave Palace: Wendigo
143. The Sochen Cave Palace: Zombie Knight
144. The Sochen Cave Palace: Gorgimera
145. The Sochen Cave Palace: Focalor
307. The Necrohol of Nabudis: Oversoul
308. The Necrohol of Nabudis: Babil
309. The Necrohol of Nabudis: Elvoret
310. The Necrohol of Nabudis: Dark Elemental
311. The Necrohol of Nabudis: Zombie Warlock
175. The Pharos: Abaddon
176. The Pharos: Chimera Brain
177. The Pharos: Bune
179. The Pharos: Reaver
180. The Pharos: Crusader
181. The Pharos: Aeronite
182. The Pharos: Dragon Lich
183. The Pharos: Cataract Aevis
184. The Pharos: Brainpan
185. The Pharos: Purobolos
186. The Pharos: Deidar
187. The Pharos: Mistmare
188. The Pharos: Undin Entite
262. Espers: Belias, the Gigas
263. Espers: Exodus, the Judge-Sal
264. Espers: Chaos, Walker of the Wheel
265. Espers: Cúchulainn, the Impure
266. Espers: Zalera, the Death Seraph
267. Espers: Shemhazai, the Whisperer
268. Espers: Zeromus, the Condemner
269. Espers: Adrammelech, the Wroth
270. Espers: Hashmal, Bringer of Order
271. Espers: Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud
272. Espers: Ultima, the High Seraph
273. Espers: Mateus, the Corrupt
274. Espers: Zodiark, Keeper of Precepts
244. Elite Marks: Chickatrice
245. Elite Marks: Cluckatrice
246. Elite Marks: Rocktoise
247. Elite Marks: Orthros
248. Elite Marks: Gil Snapper
249. Elite Marks: Trickster
212. Marks: Rogue Tomato
213. Marks: Atomos
214. Marks: Thextera
215. Marks: Roblon
216. Marks: Flowering Cactoid
217. Marks: Braegh
218. Marks: Wraith
219. Marks: Darksteel
220. Marks: Nidhogg
221. Marks: Vyraal
10:29 am
I found the Oilings, so I'll go ahead and write that entry up and post it with the rest.

EDIT: Oiling, Gazer, and Marks 217-221 are now posted.
Saturday, January 20th, 2007
10:31 pm
Completed Sochen Cave. I guess I'll take Henne Mines next, since my party is way over-levelled anyway.

who else has to take periodic breaks to play games you will actually finish someday.
9:49 pm
Finished Necrohol of Nabudis.

Dibs on Elite Marks 250-255: Antlion, Carrot, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Behemoth King, Ixion.
8:40 pm
After some hair-pulling over trying to spawn the things and navigating the Waterway in general, I finally got the Ghost entry completed and written up.

I'll go ahead and lay dibs on Marks 217-221 (Braegh, Wraith, Darksteel, Nidhogg, Vyraal) and will work on them starting tomorrow.

EDIT: And thanks to insomnia, I found Gazer's and Pandora's spawning areas, so I can take care of them.
6:23 pm
I'ma give my hand at Bosses, but no promises about some of those oogly ones at the end.
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