Whitney (beeblebabe) wrote in clan_centurio,

status update

Aight, I did Rare Game:

293. Aspidochelon
295. Thalassinon
296. Anubys
297. Greeden
301. Gavial
306. Cubus
309. Dreadguard
311. Crypt Bunny
313. Spee
315. Rain Dancer
320. Minibug
322. Ithuno
323. Biding Mantis
326. Dheed
328. Aeros
329. Grimalkin
339. Juggernaut
347. Midgardsormr
358. Disma

In other news, all that is missing for completion is the Magick Pot from the Pharos (which halcyonjazz says she's got covered), Omega mk. XII from Bosses (who is man enough to take on Omega?!), and the Henne Mines (aerie, you still on this one?). And, of course, all this stupid rare game.

relvetica is working on some text dumps of the information we've put up (such as having all sage information together, in order), to have everything in one convenient place. On that note, how do people feel about, when this project is complete, the posting of a text file full of the information to GameFAQs? Everything would be properly credited, of course.
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